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You know how many times I’ve called my mom a bitch or a hoe in my life?

Not one goddamn time what the fuck is wrong with these kids

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Speaking about natural hair, I still can’t understand what are people’s problems with Blue Ivy’s hair. The only explanation I could come up with is that they’re just anti-black, just plain and simple. 

Like I really don’t know what they expect to see when they complain that the child’s hair doesn’t look moisturize and not done. Do they expect it to become 3b curls? Why does she need her hair to be pulled back into a bun or braids in order for it to be ‘done’ by their standards? 


can someone invent a candle that smells like a blown out candle

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Classes at 12:00

Students at 12.01:so we can leave if the professor is 15 minutes late right??


Is it possible that the Loch Ness Monster is a real creature? We only acknowledge about 5% of our ocean floors and we have more maps of mars than we do our ocean. Is it possible, that Nessy could have been lost and wandered off from the other 95% of the ocean? What if she was looking for her son with the help of a fish with advance Alzheimer’s that led them off course?


Amsterdam? more like Amsterdamn


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